Why do I want to run again?

I was deeply troubled by the massive unemployment experienced by so many Albertans including many of my friends. The sustained economic downturn is a result of the job killing NDP government policies (i.e. 50% increase of minimum wage; carbon tax – the biggest hidden tax in Alberta history; and out of control spending and borrowing). I felt strongly that our future prosperity would be at risk because of this incompetent, unrealistic, ideological-driven NDP government. We must do something to change it as soon as possible and I am doing my part by stepping up to the plate to run as a United Conservative Party candidate, under the strong leadership of Jason Kenney, to defeat the NDP government in 2019 and to put Alberta’s economy back on track!

Stampede with my wife
Stampede with My Wife

What can I contribute?

  • Well experienced public servant, 30 years of cumulative services on both sides: administrative professional services (Social Planner, Manager, Senior Counsellor, Child Protection Worker, Policy Analyst) and elected official (former Member of Legislature of Alberta).
  • Have first hand experience living through different regimes and thoroughly understand the impact of public policy on the quality of life of citizens (i.e. I was born and raised in Communist China and flourished in the wonderful democratic Canada). Having experience in both worlds, I refuse to accept Alberta slipping away from its original roots towards the extreme left regime, the NDP approach, and I will fight every step along the way to preserve Alberta’s prosperity and our future!.
  • Have a balanced approach in developing public policies, so that we can sustain Alberta’s prosperity without losing our humanity and compassion.
  • A true believer in Mr. Jason Kenney’s notion that “A compassionate society needs to be a prosperous one first!” I feel strongly that prosperity and compassion can work hand in hand to support each other.
  • A relationship builder and bridge builder who can help establish strong business and cultural ties between Alberta and China, as well as expanding such worldwide. I can use my relationships to assist business partners accessing the world’s #1 market (China) for our economic recovery. I can also help foreign investors do business in Alberta to create jobs locally and to share our natural resources globally.
Brochure - Elect Jason Luan
Brochure – Elect Jason Luan