Where I Stand


Fiscal Responsibility

  • I am a fiscal conservative and am proud of having lived my life this way.
  • I came to Canada empty-handed as a 25 year old immigrant and succeeded as an established professional and an investor. I attribute my financial success to the fiscal conservative values that my family passed on to me.
  • I believe that Government needs to manage its budget following the same principles as we do in our families, because it is tax payers’ money!


  • Family is the fundamental unit of our society.
  • Healthy families contribute to resilient communities and enable us to excel personally and professionally.

Compassionate Society

  • Free individuals, strong families, and voluntary associations constitute a civil society.
  • Compassion for the less fortunate needs to be shown through progressive social policies that help people to become self-reliant, ensure equality of opportunity, and promote social inclusion.
  • I am a professional social worker. Serving people with compassion is what I do the best.

Energy Industry & Economic Diversification

  • Alberta is well known as a world leader in oil and gas production and oil reserves.
  • We are fortunate to have rich natural resources, clean air and beautiful land.
  • Energy industry is the backbone of Alberta’s economy and will remain so for generations to come.
  • Economic diversification is important for us to mitigate the volatility of the oil & gas market; however, we shall never forget who we are and what our uniqueness is.
  • Energy will always be an important part of our lives and our economy. We shall embrace it, celebrate it and make the best out of it.


  • I believe in environmental stewardship.
  • I drive a hybrid car, encourage recycling, and support efforts to reduce the Green House Effect.
  • However, this needs to be balanced with full appreciation of the economic cost in doing such, so that we are grounded with practical, realistic and sustainable solutions, rather than philosophical debates that are impossible to implement or put the livelihood of millions of people at risk.


  • Education is an investment in people and our future.
  • Albertans already enjoy world class education and we need to continue to support such.
  • In particular, I support “education by choice”, to give parents and children the freedom of choosing what’s best for them and their aspirations.
  • My two daughters benefited from such choices and I would like to see more people enjoy the same (e.g. both of my daughters graduated from Traditional Learning Centre program of the CBE system. One is now pursing education to become a medical doctor (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta), while the other works on Wall Street as an investment banker (graduated from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania).

Health Care

  • I believe in high quality, publicly-funded health care.
  • I also support complementary alternative practices, such as Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance our core public health care system.
  • I support a system of care that provides choice and that is flexible in meeting the needs of all Albertans.

Market Economy

  • I support free enterprise, limited government involvement, low levels of taxation, and a regulatory regime that is fair, competitive and robust.

Carbon Tax

  • I oppose carbon tax, particularly, the timing of such tax being introduced, when the world oil price collapsed.
  • Such a tax adversely impacted the oil and gas industry at a time when support was needed to get the industry out of the economic recession. It prolonged the recovery of Alberta’s economy (adding salt to a wound) and needs to be stopped right away.

Public Safety

  • Protecting public safety is a primary responsibility of government.