Nominate Jason Luan

Howdy & Happy Stampeding my fellow UCP members!

The Nomination Event for Calgary Foothills is fast approaching. Voting will be held on:

Saturday July 14, 2018
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Symons Valley United Church
38 Kincora Rise NW
Calgary, AB
T3R 0A3

You have an important choice to make: to choose someone who has a track record of serving people with proven leadership quality; or someone new trying to learn the ropes.

Let me be clear that I am all for creating learning opportunities for our young folks getting involved. However, we must do so in a realistic and responsible way. As we see with the current government, too much inexperience can work against us. Once elected, I plan to build a bridge for our next generation so that they can enter politics with more than youthful exuberance.

I am proud of my record of serving the public for almost 30 years, both as a civil servant and an elected official.

  • I mobilized over 3000 people, supporting the unity movement to merge PC with Wild Rose as UCP. I fought hard against the historical divisions that spilt conservatives, trying to move us forward in unity by focusing on the most important issue for Albertans: Jobs, Economy and Prosperity.
  • To the contrary, my opponent did the opposite: attempting to stir up past divisions by circulating unprofessional flyers full of personal attacks and misleading information, opening himself to legal liability for malice and defamation & damaging our collective image in public with such unethical conducts. For the true facts, please see the attached Fact Sheet.
  • I managed the Constituency Office budget prudently, with a surplus every year for the three years served as MLA of Calgary-Hawkwood from 2012 to 2015.
  • I initiated a long list of community-based projects while serving as the MLA of Calgary-Hawkwood (i.e. rebuilding playground, fixing public swimming pools, renovating community ice rinks, developing community gardens, hosting Oil and Gas Symposiums, organizing Aging-in-Place Family Fair, conducting MLA Town Hall meetings, holding community Stampede BBQs, initiating stakeholders meetings, hosting Christmas open houses…). I am proud to be one of the most active MLA serving my constituents.
  • I leveraged more than 50% of additional community investment through the limited constituency office resources (allocated to each MLA by Alberta Legislature based on the size of constituency population and location). From an investment point of view, this is a great return for investment. I wish my personal investment returns could also be so handsome!

My record of serving people with competence and compassion speaks for itself, and brings me great satisfaction. That is what motivates me to run for office again: “Being a servant leader & making a difference in our community!”

On July 14th, 2018, I respectfully ask you to vote for me as the Calgary-Foothills UCP Candidate.

Thank you!

Jason Luan

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